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King of kings' Grand Ball

Featuring an extremely distinguished and influential list of FTSE 100 companies, VIPs and public figures, the event also promises to be an excellent networking opportunity.

Resort Hotels
Our carefully selected Resort Hotels are the perfect base you need to explore any country you decide to visit - whether it is for business or for pleasure.

Adventure Resorts
Families want to do exciting things without compromising their safety or integrity. We update you regularly with the best adventure resorts for you to visit.

Sports & Leisure Facilities
We can provide you with a selection of Sports and Leisure grounds which are safe and secure for families. We can point you in the right direction whatever your interest - from golf to horse riding and a lot more.

If you are looking for the perfect diversion either for you or your family, we can advise you on the best live shows and performances to consider whatever your preference.

When it comes to weddings and special occasions we have a range of programmes and impeccable service solutions that have been tried, tested and approved by fellow members to suit all budgets.

Special Events
Members get priority offers on our annual events, including King of kings Grand Balls, Prayer Breakfasts and Business Forums providing a range of networking opportunities.

We recommend, publish and produce books, films and various other media interesting and suitable for all the family - without compromising on quality. Children are especially catered for.

We are currently conducting a detailed research on which services our members would benefit from. Please get in touch if you have any suggestions. Our members will be kept informed about our progress on a regular basis.

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